Life & Fluff was created in April 2018. It’s a project I’ve been wanting to start for years but running another website has kept me busy. No more procrastinating though!

Why life and fluff?
This name was chosen because the topics will cover the practical sometimes mundane sides of life, but also the fun glitzy extra stuff that make our lives more vibrant. Plus cotton candy is my favourite food, so ‘fluff’ was partially inspired by that!

What is life and fluff?
I hope to share with you the latest lifestyle trends with a focus on modern, cute and colourful. One of my goals for this blog is to include budgets and costs for whatever I’m writing about. There have been times where I’ve fallen in love with something I saw on Instagram or wherever only to find out after more research it’s way out of my price range.

Let’s connect!
You can find me on Instagram, Facebook or email me!